Hair Stylist/Attitude’s Salon

For the past four and half years I have been a loyal customer to Attitude’s Salon in Covington.  Even after moving to Seattle, I have continued to trek to Covington to get my hair done. This is about an hour drive in traffic. In all honesty, there is nothing particularly special about the salon. It is the relationship that I have developed with my stylist that keeps me coming back. I completely trust her with my hair. She listens to what I want, provides advice, and makes my hair look beautiful. She also charges a reasonable price and does not try to sell me products or services that I do not need.

My loyalty lies with my stylist, not the salon. Recently, the salon has decided to become a quick-stop hair cut location and my stylist has decided to move elsewhere. I fully intend to follow my stylist to her new salon. The relationship nature of the beauty services industry makes it very important for stylists to keep in contact with their clients. My stylist keeps connected with me by calling and text messaging my cell phone. In fact, my stylist texted me just the other day to inform me she was moving salons.

Neither the salon nor the stylist provides special avenues for clients to tell others about their services. However, I believe that referrals are a huge part of the business. Special channels are not necessary because clients naturally tell others about their stylist when they are happy about the service they received.  I originally started going to the salon after being referred by my mother.  This word-of-mouth referral occurred simply because I was looking for a hair stylist and my mother was very happy with the way her stylist cut and dyed her hair.


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