A service that I regularly use is Lyft. Lyft is essentially a substitution service to Taxis, the service allows you to book a car from your smart phone to get a lift from point A to point B.

Repeat: I am a repeat customer because the service is convenient, cheap, and secure. Drivers are always friendly, punctual, and professional. Drivers also know their way around town, which makes me feel that I am not cheated on.

Connected: The company stays connected with me via email mostly by sending me emails with promotions. It also stays connected with me by using the large pink mustache in front of the car. While walking in the street, seeing the mustache constantly reminds me of the service.

Share/Communicate: If I refer a friend, and that friend uses the service, I will receive credits for referring my friend. This is a great way to tell others about the product. Also, because I enjoy the service so much I often speak positively of the service to my friends. There is a good word of mouth effect.

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