Retention and Referral: SYMA Carwash

COMPANY: SYMA Carwash (Monterrey, Mexico)

What about the product makes you a repeat customer (emotional attachment, quality of service, price.)

This service makes me repeat for several factors. One of them is the convenience and proximity to my home since is two blocks away. Although I have other options that are also close to my house and are cheaper I think another factor that has a lot of relevance is service, given that they are really polite and friendly always looking for the best of your interests, this makes you feel important as a customer. It doesn’t matter that the place is flooded with clients they will always try to hear your demands and work on them until you are happy with the result.

They also have some loyalty campaigns by using a punch card you get a free wash after a specific number of visits. Also they have assigned several promotion days like Tuesdays is 2×1 for students showing your University ID. They have a promotion called “ULTRA-SIGNAL” that is an amber emergency light that while turned on all washes are at 50% discount.

They have a waiting room with vending machines and restaurant service, so you can grab a snack while your car is being served.

How does the company stay in touch with you in order to stay connected?

They are using Facebook ( and Twitter (@SYMAutoshampoo) to communicate their promotions, new services and the specific hours of the day when they have the “ULTRA-SIGNAL” (which means a 50% discount in all their packages). They also use this media to post photographs of clean cars of happy clients and to post content regarding traffic regulations or useful information for drivers.

I think a very clever strategy is that they have their own branded car scents and car fresheners, which are included in all their wash packages therefore you always have their brand in your car so it’s a new way to communicate to your friends that you use their services and also reminds you haven’t gone when the scent is over.

What ways does the company give you to tell others about the product?

With their 2×1 wash on Tuesdays I am taking a friend and at the same time recommending their service. In that sense they are giving a “sample” to a possible new customer that will later consider washing his car there notwithstanding they premium price.

They also use very traditional marketing creating promotions in low volume days like Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays and communicate them through social media. And last but not least the car scents and fresheners that post their brand inside your car so the people that ride with you see that you are a client.


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