SWIFTKEY – An intelligent and ridculously beautiful mobile keyboard

SwiftKey is an input method for Android devices such as smartphones and tablets. SwiftKey uses a blend of artificial intelligence technologies that enable it to predict the next word the user intends to type. SwiftKey learns from previous SMS messages, Gmail and Facebook data to provide accurate predictions based on currently input text and what the application has learned.

Google provides a fairly useful keyboard in its android platform. However, Swiftkey adds an element of artificial intelligence to this, thereby resulting in an unrivaled highly personalized typing experience. I bought the product for its evident quality and because it solved one of my major pain points. I primarily use text messages and messenger platforms to communicate with my circle of friends and family. Many a times these conversations are in my native language and typing some of these words in english is a pain. By learning form my previous messages, email and facebook posts, Swiftkey quite accurately predicts not just english words but even words in my native language thus making the experience of typing pleasant. By regularly updating their store with beautiful keyboard themes, they further provide a level of customization not possible in other keyboard applications. Lastly, they have several constantly updated language packs which could be added to the device to make predictions much more accurate.

Once you have the application installed, the company communicates with the user through periodic notifications using the android notification bar. These notifications are about availability of latest language packs and free/premium themes. Since keyboard is a primary component of a mobile device, the only thing the company has to concentrate on to retain its users and maintain an engaging experience is to maintain the quality of the product at the highest levels.

Swiftkey reminds users to review the product in android play store if the user has not done so already. When the product was launched, the users of the free version of the keyboard were periodically reminded to send an invite to other people. But once you had bought in there were no such action required on the part of the users. Apart from that they used to send promotional offers once in a while through email which they encouraged to share to other people. Currently, Swiftkey is one of the top applications in the android play store and hence no longer provides any explicit mechanism to tell others about the product.



1) http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/SwiftKey


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