Taqueria Guadalajara

As I thought about a product or service to write about on this blog post I went through the applications on my phone, websites I visit, and companies I follow. Some of these applications and services come from small and mid-size companies, and I use them on a regular basis. However, as I thought beyond digital products I identified a small company that I purchase products from on a regular basis: Taqueria Guadalajara. This taqueria is located in a taco truck that is parked at a gas station in Bellevue. I am a loyal customer of this taqueria and visit it at least once every two weeks. Specifically, an item I always purchase when I go there is their beef tacos. There are three aspects of this product that make me a repeat customer:

  • Emotional attachment: While growing up in Colombia my grandmother usually cooked beef in a similar way (with onion, cilantro, etc.). Tacos are a Mexican dish, but every time I eat the beef ones they remind me of my childhood and of my grandmother
  • Quality of service: The staff at the taco truck is always cordial, and polite. The service is fast, and it’s always nice to say hi, and speak some Spanish (my first language), while I’m there
  • Price: The prices at the taco truck are affordable

The company does not really stay in touch with me through social media or other digital mechanisms. However, I drive by it every day on my way to work so I am constantly reminded of its services and products. Furthermore, many of my friends are loyal customers as well and we usually meet up there to get lunch and catch up. I was able to find a business page for it on Facebook and liked it so I can stay in touch in that way as well.

I have told many friends about this taqueria and have brought them there (friends from different ethnicities, backgrounds, etc.), and they have really enjoyed the food. The great service and experience I get from the taqueria motivates me to tell others about it, and to take them there so they can experience it too.


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