Anneliese Rose Clinic – Retention and Referral

The service that I would like to talk about is the owner (Anneliese) and also the only massage therapist at Rose Clinic. I go to this clinic regularly for a number of reasons:

The service is covered under my company’s health benefit so it only costs me a $25 co-pay and it is at a very convenient location near my office. However, the big reason why I’m a repeat customer is really because of her great service to me whenever I am there, not just because of her massages. She always greets me with a smile, gets a glass of water ready for me after every session and always ensures that I am comfortable.

She will send me a courtesy reminder a day before the session and will email to check in on me to see how I am whenever I am busy and missed making my regular appointments with her. There were a few occasions where I forgot to turn up for the appointments and she was nice enough to not charge me any no-show fees.

I feel that I have an emotional attachment to Anneliese as she never fails to make my sessions enjoyable and stress-free, is great at sharing stories and loves making a connection with me as a friend, not treating me as just another client. What’s interesting to know is that her clientele is always based on word-of-mouth and I myself have already recommended at least 3 friends to her for her service. She is definitely doing something right for her business.


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