Caffe Appassionato: The Neighborhood Cafe That Has It All.

When I moved to Seattle, I lucked out by finding a space with a coffee shop just around the corner. The convenience of having the café around the corner is a huge selling point, but I probably wouldn’t have been back after my first visit if I didn’t think the coffee was good and reasonably priced. Quality coffee, friendly service, and the most convenient location imaginable hooked me, and the beer selection kept me coming back. A café that also has great beer on tap…that’s a combination tailor made to turn me into a repeat customer.

One of best things about having a café nearby for a luddite like myself is that they don’t have to stay in touch. I walk by every day, so I don’t need to receive mailings in the post or emails to update me on things going on, I can just read the sign as I walk by. I’m sure that if I was on Facebook I could like their page or follow them on Twitter, but the convenience means that I don’t have to, which is another selling point for me.

This is an easy product to share, because its easily exportable. I can introduce someone to the coffee by making it for them at home, bringing it to them, or taking them to the café. The cafe’s easily accessible location also makes it a great meeting place, and the extended hours and additional non-coffee selection make it easy to find an avenue to introduce people to the café. All these factors combine to make Caffe Appassionato one of the few places that I frequent consistently, and recommend to others as well.

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