Customer Retention…another post about the iPhone

Apple is known around the world for it’s founder and innovative products. When Apple released the first iPhone, I have to admit I wasn’t a first adopter. In fact, my first iPhone was the 4S, which I bought only a couple of years ago. The iPhone appeals to me on both an emotional and functional level. I pretty much use the phone for anything and everything. In it, I hold a multitude of memories as photos I’ve taken in numerous places and it also holds my friends’ contact information. I know, there are many smartphones out there that are great too. But the iPhone is perfect for me. I love how easy it is to use and how intuitive it is to me. It just works…for me.

The company stays in touch via ads on TV. Their ads are extremely well done and really speak to people’s emotion with everyday aspects of our lives such as taking a picture. I’m sure they have a facebook page and such but I personally don’t follow them. Another way they stay connected is by holding their conferences to announce their new products. The media is always very excited about them and makes a big deal out of them; even when their new products are not a huge deal to consumers.

Apple doesn’t really “give” promotions to tell others about their products. People who use and love their products just want to share their experiences with others. When discussions about smartphones come up with friends, I always tell them that I’m very satisfied with my iPhone and that they should at least check it out.


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