I know what to eat. Just tell me where and how to get it !

I do not have a preference in mind about what cuisine to eat for the day. I just at the minute after my decision to eat decided on the cuisine for the day. Sometimes, what I wanted to eat might be not any near to me. Then came EAT24 to my rescue.


Last Summer, I was in Boston for my internship. I was new to the place and I was at work which means I can not take 2-3 hour long lunch breaks. I can not change my food habits for some one. Then I opened the EAT24 app. Searched for the cuisine I wanted to eat that day. EAT24 showed me different options including delivery timings, ratings, etc. As I do not have a car, I needed “Food Delivery” service. EAT24 helped me connect with all the restaurants close by on the tip of my finger. This particular app solved my pain point. And that’s the reason I use this app a lot (even now).


The company sends me emails (though not frequently but once in a week). It sends me info about new restaurants and most importantly the app sends me a discount coupon every weekend. This makes me really loyal to this app. Frankly, I didn’t even bother looking at the competitor products.

The app gives me option to share my order or and experience on Facebook, Twitter and Google+. But I do not use my social media to post about what i order every day. But once I did post about EAT24 on my Facebook timeline thanking it for everything in the last Summer at Boston.


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