Postmates is a mobile delivery service, which uses couriers who pick-up and deliver merchandise, groceries, or food orders by bikes, cars, and other automobiles. My experience with Postmates was through a lab mate who used the application to pick up a large order that was placed with Salumi downtown for a group lunch at UW. The courier service in this case was a bicyclist, and the key feature about Postmates that we found novel and charming was the constant communication between couriers and customers. As customers we were able to track our courier’s progress through the city, were notified as he stood in line at Salumi to pick up the order, and received accurate estimates on his ETA. Although the price markup for using Postmates is high, the quality of the mobile app and the service led my lab mate to be a repeat customer, specifically for same-day delivery of large orders.

In an interview published in Geekwire about their launch in Seattle, Postmates CEO highlighted that one of the unique features of Postmates’ service was to understand the inventory of a city and offer delivery services to local businesses that were beloved by city residents. In this sense, I feel that Postmates has a more personal approach to understanding and connecting customers with businesses.

The company stays in touch with customers through emails and communication via the mobile app. In addition, Postmates offers discounts to first time users, and a $10 credit for referring other users. This incentivizes customers of Postmates to spread the word about their service.


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