Entrepreneur Interview: Shoes of Prey

Buying a pair of women’s dress shoes can be daunting. Even if you have a plan in mind, you’re not only limited to the types of shoes available, but by the brand’s preferences for sizes and widths.

Enter Shoes of Prey, an online store that allows you to build custom dress shoes from heel to toe. While they already have one brick-and-mortar in Sydney, they’re expanding this week to the US with their new store in Bellevue, Washington. I met with Co-founder and Chief Creative Officer Jodie Fox to learn more about their positioning and early marketing.

Shoes of Prey

What is the market your company is pursuing?

The global women’s shoes market, for women of all ages, excluding women’s athletic shoes.

Are you creating a new market or disrupting an existing market?


How is the company positioned?

The current women’s shoe market is set up for sizes 5-10, rarely covering half sizes, and you choose from their pre-set heel heights and colors.

Shoes of Prey instead offers sizes 2.5-15, with half sizes, and offers not only width adjustments but the option to select the best heel height, style, and color for your needs. Our goal is to offer custom shoes for less waste.

Shoes of Prey

What were the channels in which you attempted to reach your first customers?

Phase one was grassroots. We emailed our personal networks for referrals and testing, with incentives of $50 gift cards to pass along the information and to try out the brand. This period heavily relied on word of mouth. However, in our first two months, we were a finalist in the Crunchies, which brought a lot of organic press and interest.

Phase two started roughly five months into the business, about five years ago. We hired a youtube blogger [Blair Folwer] to run a campaign with us, which was rather new at the time. This brought in a huge amount of word of mouth interest.

Images provided by Shoes of Prey.


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