Enterview with an Entrepreneur: LUXOS, candy buffets



Name: Luxos (Candy Buffets)

Owner: Tricia Castillo

# Of Employees: 2 (including the owner)

Founded: June 2014

Site: https://www.facebook.com/luxoseventos

Facebook Audience: 10,665 likes

Back in Tuxtla Gutierrez in the state of Chiapas, Mexico; where innovation takes longer than expected to arrive, LUXOS has started, since past June, to offer a catering service specifically with high end and tailor made candy buffets for your social events such as birthday parties, bridal and baby showers and baptism. This candy buffets vary in size, details, ornaments and content (candy and pastries) to each customer’s tastes, likes and preferences, making this service a highly detailed artesian work in order to be a great asset and celebrate the special occasion.


This leads them to target the high social spectrum of Tuxtla Gutierrez due to the high cost to elaborate each candy buffet and its decorations, making LUXOS an aspirational service to acquire and therefore charge a high prize due their renowned high quality and service. This combination of high quality, high service and prestigious image has helped LUXOS to penetrate market with great force and acquire a high image among users but most importantly break a barrier of Mexican traditions since certain social events have costumes and traditions, like piñatas in birthdays, that are being left behind and instead candy buffets are used now. LUXOS wasn’t the inventor of the candy buffets neither the first one to introduce it in Tuxtla Gutierrez but thanks to their positioning has disrupted the market and now leads the market among companies that offers this kind of services.

But all this, funny to said, came accidentally thanks to Tricia’s, the owner, misbelief and concerns to delegate her child party arrangements to others, leading her to plan, arrange and develop everything on her own which in placed her in the market since all her guests asked where she ordered that candy buffet. After her child event many kept requesting her services for their events and finally she decide to do two free separate events for two of her closest friends the measure the potential of the business initiative. Both events were a huge success and showed her that:

  1. Her best and most powerful marketing tool was her own product in each event she catered
  2. Anybody could deliver on the candy requirements but no one had the detailed work and high service she delivered allowing her to charge and position herself in the high end spectrum

So thanks to her child birthday party and free (she only covered the production costs) events she then started her business. She explained me that she uses Facebook to keep record of the events she has made and for people to see her craft but her main marketing tool is each event she caters where she approached by 15 to 20 women requesting her services. As you can see in she now has 10,665 likes in only 5 months and a half.


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