EveryMove: Your Platform for Fitness Tracking, Motivation, and Community

everymove logo

For our Entrepreneurial Marketing class assignment, I had the privilege of interviewing local entrepreneur Russell Benaroya. Russell is the CEO and co-founder of EveryMove, the Seattle-based fitness platform and first ever fitness-tracking social network. EveryMove provides a platform for users to aggregate and track all of their fitness data from the multitude of fitness-tracking devices and tools they may be using. This platform is extremely easy to use and automatically syncs with all of the user’s fitness data, providing the user with a single portal through which to track and monitor their fitness progress. Even more importantly, EveryMove provides users with a fitness community through which they can draw motivation, share and compete with friends, and even inspire others to get active. EveryMove also rewards users for being active by allowing users to earn gifts—either for themselves or for charity—and feel even better about their fitness. Finally, EveryMove encourages all kinds of physical activity and therefore normalizes and rewards users for all of their fitness data—whether that is running a marathon, breaking a sweat in spin class, or taking the dog for a walk.

EveryMove is really breaking ground in the health and wellness space by creating a new market for a fitness-tracking social network. While the fitness-tracking market as a whole is booming, Russell and his team saw a need for a single platform on which to unite all of this data and its users and thus launched EveryMove to build this fitness-tracking community. EveryMove is positioned as a fitness-tracking social network and relies heavily on the concept of an inclusive community. To fulfill this vision, EveryMove is targeting people all across the fitness spectrum—ranging from people who are trying to get more active to people who are fitness fanatics—and creating a community where they all feel welcome and encouraged. To reach these users, EveryMove uses a combination of paid advertising, especially through targeted social media campaigns, and user referrals through their own social networks.

Finally, EveryMove also sells its platform in a SAAS model to health plans and, most recently, employers, through its EveryMove @Work product offering. Using this model, employers can incentivize employees to get active and stay healthy. Employees enjoy the same benefits from the platform as all other users, plus additional rewards and incentives provided by the employer. The employer benefits from healthier, happier, and more productive employees; lower healthcare costs; and a more desirable workplace culture. To reach these enterprise customers, EveryMove reaches out to employers through a combination of online channels and traditional sales calls.

Overall, EveryMove offers a strong value proposition to both individual users and employers/employees. For all of its users, EveryMove provides an all-inclusive fitness-tracking platform and an all-inclusive fitness community, both of which are unparalleled in the health and wellness market. I look forward to seeing the EveryMove community continue to grow and help inspire us all to be a little more healthy.


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