inerTRAIN: Revolutionizing Online Personal Training

Perpetual Motion Fitness Corporation (PMFC) was founded by Jeff Marinucci in 2009 and is dedicated to developing personalized, interactive health, wellness, and fitness programs that are made accessible through technology and the Internet. Its premiere business, inerTRAIN, is the next generation of personal fitness, providing an unrivaled personal training experience virtually.[1] inerTRAIN provides a customers with an online, highly customized, personal training regimen by linking personal trainers with its customers and providing the platform to deliver specific instruction and guidance leveraging media-based training plans.


inerTRAIN is pursuing the personal training market but disrupting the existing distribution channel by providing the same type of customized personal training you would receive at a gym or in your home through an online and highly mobile delivery model. The service is targeting three consumer segments: corporate professionals, young professionals, and moms and positions itself by providing health focused personalization, personal relationships, and results. For these segments, it communicates the following positioning statement:

“For health-conscious individuals who have a lot of demands on their time and who are dissatisfied with inconvenient, inflexible, and costly personal trainers in gyms or training studios, inerTRAIN is the online personal fitness experience that provides truly personal one-on-one workout plans and expert fitness advice. Unlike other impersonal training and workout websites and apps which provide generic workouts, inerTRAIN meets the needs for a deep, consistent fitness trainer relationship that you can access 24/7 and that makes you feel understood, inspired, and excited about achieving your fitness and health goals.”

inerTRAIN is reaching its customers through multiple channels split into corporate and private touch points. In corporate channels, inerTRAIN is working with corporate perks and wellness programs for large companies such as RedBull, Starbucks, and Google. In private channels, inerTRAIN is reaching its customers through traditional Public Relations outreach, trainer referrals, and web/social media marketing. It sees the corporate channel as its most valuable one because it presents the best opportunity to scale and reach the largest number of potential consumers. To date, it has completed a number of successful pilots with corporate partners.


– John Downey


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