— On-Demand Laundry Service an on-demand laundry service. Headquartered in Bengaluru – India, MyWash caters to “the silicon valley of India”. Consumers place an order for laundry mentioning their convenient time for pickup and/or delivery, the ground team collects the clothes, gets them to a centralized hub, gets them cleaned and delivers. In other words, it is “Washio” of India.

The company is going after two segments

  1. Single, Information Technology employees who generally lack time
  2. Married users with income level > INR 20,00,000 per year (USD: 32000)

The current market in that geography location of India is fragmented. The market constitutes of local laundry services, house maids and premium laundry

 services. MyWash doesn’t create a new market, it just disrupts the existing market.

The founders, who are from the premium institution in India have an unparalleled network. They are levering the “Alumnus” network. Currently, their only reach vehicle is Facebook Page. In about 30 days, they managed to collect approximately 2000 likes for their page. All the initial consumers are the “Alum”. To capture more customers in this market, the founders are relying on “Word of Mouth” as this service is extremely convenient for the consumers. They have future plans which they do not want to disclose at this time.


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