bobbysue’s nuts!: Delicious Nuts With a Mission

BSN jar

bobbysue’s nuts! provides discerning snackers with a savory and not-too-sweet blend of almonds, cashews, and pecans flavored with a delicious blend of spices. It’s an all-natural treat from a company that started with a mission.

The company began in 2008 when Barb “bobbysue” Kobren decided that selling her family’s generations-old recipe for spiced nuts would be a great way to help raise money to help homeless animals. That commitment continues to this day: bobbysue’s nuts! donates a portion of profits from every sale to the SPCA of Westchester (N.Y.). Over time, the product has line has grown to include the original spice blend, “Some Like It Hot,” which has just enough of a spicy kick, and “It’s Raining Chocolate.”

Bobbysue’s nuts! has taken on the daunting task of disrupting a well-established and crowded market for snack nuts. It has positioned itself with a high-end product that tastes unlike anything else on the market and has a clear connection with helping animals. When it first started, bobbysue’s nuts! focused on small specialty food retailers, on the theory that the primary target for the products would be upscale shoppers with an interest in trying new types of food.

The nuts remain high-end both in quality and in presentation, but the channels for getting them to customers have changed. Although small retailers remain an important channel for bobbysue’s nuts!, experience has led the company into relationships with distributors, which has placed the nuts in large, more diverse food retailers. Hotels have become important outlets. Bobbysue’s nuts! can also be found in select Nordstrom’s eBar espresso boutiques around the country. Having flexibility in developing channels has been an important part of bobbysue’s nuts!’s development, and it that flexibility will continue as the company grows. However, the focus on producing an excellent product remains constant. Learn more at


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