Simple and Crisp: A local treat

Simple and Crisp is the Seattle based producer of a specialty dried fruit crisp that can be paired with cheese, cocktails and deserts. Currently they produce apple, blood orange and pear crisps that are sold online through their own website and through numerous high-end grocery and specialty food stores.

They are in the “specialty food” market and are most in competition with other cracker producers. Simple and Crisp is positioned as a premium product and they have a premium price point compared to other cracker type products. The target market of Simple and Crisp is upper middle-income people who like to entertain and throw dinner parties. They are creating a disruption by moving away from a traditional grain based product to a fruit based product that has additional potential in areas that cant be reached by a cracker such as cocktails, deserts, etc.

Simple and Crisp is currently looking for ways to expand their channels of sales beyond specialty food stores. There is the potential to be sold directly to bars for cocktail recipes or other food producers that could naturally pair their own products with fruit crisps.


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