Entrepreneur Interview: Skin Hearten

“It all started with my formulations and a logo” said Cristina Cordova, CEO and founder of Skin Hearten, a cosmetics company headquartered in Monterrey, Mexico, that provides all-natural customized formulations for advanced skin care. She describes the business model as a tailored suit, given that they first hear their client’s needs and then formulate a completely natural solution that perfectly solves their demands.SkinHearten

The company started supplying 7 different product lines thinking on solving the needs for women between 35 to 65 years old that currently suffer skin problems and/or diseases that compromise skin health for example diabetes and lupus. Nevertheless as the company grew she spotted 2 other segments eager to be part of the project; Animal rights supporters and people looking for chemical-free products. Cristina realized that the profile of such segments were younger men and women in their early 20’s to 35 years old and motivated by what the brand represents and guarantees. Here is where a key issue of the business model, communication and feedback from customers, helped Skin Hearten discontinue 4 of the first 7 products and create 18 more in order to address their customer’s needs.SkinHearten Cream

As a matter of fact they are disrupting an existing market by offering customized products to their clients using only natural ingredients.

Their positioning statement describes in a very simple and straightforward manner what they do “Natural inspiration for your skin”. In that sense is the first step to attract their customers in a unique experience.

Skin Hearten’s marketing strategy involves both traditional and digital media. On the traditional side they give free samples for the first time buyers, clients compare between several formulations and decide which works better for them, only paying for shipping if they are outside Monterrey. They also have distribution partners that have exclusivity within a geographic area this allows the most popular products among users to be at reach at any time and also helps creating presence along the country. In addition they participate in local fairs and expos being able to demo their products and gather prospects that will later be approached electronically (email) or by phone. Nevertheless their online presence remains the top sales channel and it’s by using a combination of the next:

  • Web site: “http://skinhearten.jimdo.com”, all the company information in one place. You can find detailed benefits of the different product lines, the product catalogue, prices, photo gallery and the possibility to get in touch with the company to make a purchase.
  • Facebook: “SkinHeartenCosmetics”, helps posting educational videos, photos, interact with clients and as point of sale.
  • Instagram: “skinhearten”, helps direct traffic towards their website by posting really attracting photographs of the product and of the fairs and events that they participate.
  • Twitter: Posting key information on where to find products, date and location of events that they participate and new promotions.

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