Entrepreneur Interview with Zachary Rozga – VentureScale Co

VentureScale was founded in 2013 as one of the first 50 Social Purpose Corporations in the state of Washington. Their purpose is to accelerate the sustainable growth of social ventures by measuring growth in both financial terms and social benefit impacts and they have positioned themselves as a company that has the expertise to apply lean start-up, design thinking and basic business fundamentals to tailor to each client’s unique needs. They function in the following manners:

Social Innovation: Turn ideas into businesses and product lines through running state of the art business accelerator programs, intensive weekend boot camps and one-on-one mentorship.

Commercialization: Help researchers and businesses in universities, government institutions, private research centers and existing companies turn their opportunities into reality by installing systems, tools and processes used within some of the most innovative companies in industry.

International Development: Help emerging markets to create the proper enabling environment for social business to grow where their infrastructure and political will is often misaligned

Impact Investing: Work directly with Impact Investors as a part of their investment to ensure that the proper operational structure and leadership team is in place to scale the existing business.

VentureScale is also currently right in the middle of a process where they are developing a new business unit call the Impact Opportunity. They are targeting small to midsize privately held companies during the Beta mode (year 1).


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