I got really interested in Qumulo when I started researching the company for our marketing assignment. As a technology enthusiast, I have been interested in Storage startups, primarily because, I think it’s a space where even an enhancement on an existing solution can be marketed as a disruptive product. I recently talked to Qumulo’s VP of Marketing, Brett Goodwin about Qumulo’s customer acquisition and marketing strategy plans and about how Qumulo envisions to displace the incumbent market leaders to capture the enterprise storage market.

Qumulo, which was founded by engineering veterans from Isilon and architects of the Isilon OneFS distributed file system, says its technology aims to solve the “manageability, scalability and efficiency problems that plague the $35 billion enterprise data storage market”. It sees a massive opportunity in the vast quantities of data enterprise IT is having to deal with, coupled with the storage challenges and complexities created by virtualized workloads.

Qumulo tries to solve some specific problems within enterprise data storage today. Given the volume of unstructured data that companies need to handle today, managing and storing such data is a pain point across the industry. Qumulo offers a simple, reliable and scalable approach to not just manage storage but also to scale out storage as opposed to the stand-alone NAS solutions available in the market today.

The founders of Qumulo are seasoned entrepreneurs. The most valuable lesson they shared from their experience with starting a company was to build a product based on strong market research. The product is always as good as the demand it caters to. Hence, Qumulo has followed a very structured and modular approach in building its customer network. It has interacted with storage thought leaders across various business units to build a product that caters to the demands of the industry. Moreover, given the success of Isilon, Qumulo has garnered tremendous credibility within the industry circle.I think it has the potential to disrupt the storage market given its strong leadership and engineering talent.


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