Assignment 1 – HouseHappy, Market Analysis – Assignments

Geekwire 200 has HouseHappy ranked at #112. HouseHappy is an online residential real estate tool for prospective home buyers. HouseHappy seems to be pushing the use of simplicity and connectivity on their website. The webpage is clean and crisp, not forcing the potential real estate buyer to struggle through multiple filters and button pushing. The great thing about HouseHappy is that you can easily navigate the webpage, find a house you are interested, and get the listing broker’s contact information. All of this can be done really in a matter of seconds, making HouseHappy a user friendly website for any homebuyer.

HouseHappy’s market is open to almost any prospective home buyer. Everyone needs somewhere to live, and nowadays people start their housing search on the internet. The two cohorts of individuals HouseHappy wouldn’t target are those who don’t have the means to purchase a home, or to seniors who are either not using computers, or to those seniors who are looking for assisted living accommodations.

Looking at their website it looks like they are really targeting young professionals who may be looking for their first purchase, or younger families. However, as I already mentioned HouseHappy really is viable for any potential home buyer as long as they know how to use a computer.

HouseHappy would likely be trying to steal customers from Zillow and Trulia who are also residential real estate search portals. Zillow and Trulia seem to be more sophisticated then HouseHappy as they provide the user comparable, quotes, and other useful interesting. However, I would argue that the creators of HouseHappy thought that making a simplistic, user friendly real estate website could play to their advantage. As a potential home buyer if I wanted to start my home search I actually believe HouseHappy might be the place to go. It is straightforward, has fantastic pictures, and gives you the listing broker’s information, making the search process as easy as possible.



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