Alima – Market Analysis

We are all concerned by the quality of the air; hence, maintaining clean air promotes happiness both physically and emotionally.

‘Alima’ is a product that monitors indoor air quality at home. It also sends alarm messages regarding pollution levels. It would help us to change the behaviors that causes pollution by recognizing the indoor environment with habits. This innovative device is intended for households that include people suffering from asthma, respiratory or allergy. In addition, health conscious individuals looking for an informed view on environment and wellness. Therefore, it will be used in regions where high population with poor air quality.

It has responsive sensors embedded in a unique, airflow designed cylinder. Made for indoor use, it forwards data to the cloud and pushes results and advice to your connected devices. The sensors detect such as volatile organic compounds including gases: formaldehyde, benzene, ethylene glycol, particulate matter/fine particles, carbon mono/dioxide, carbon monoxide, temp, and humidity. It works by optimizing air renewal, locating sources of pollution, and recommending behavioral changes.

While other connected devices include air quality monitoring as a feature, air pollution is an afterthought, measuring just one element: carbon dioxide. It is a good indicator of air confinement, but doesn’t inform what’s polluting.

Alima is different from other competitors such as ‘Chemisense’ or ‘Onset’. Because it emphasizes on the developing predictive algorithms. The idea is that you will be informed the stage in advance when to experience hazardous air levels. Also, this device provides you with steps to prevent before happening. Ultimately, it’s designed to be a way for everyone to work together collaboratively to improve their air quality experience.


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