Apptentive: The new way to earn customers trust

Apptentive is the type of good idea that is borne out of frustration created by hour long conversations with automated Comcast representatives and irrelevant pop ups that ask you the same question each time you visit a website.  They have created a new platform where real humans interact with real customers to create trackable relationships and provide measurable value to both parties.

The Apptentive platform is primarily targeting B2B companies with a freemium model that allows them to engage both early startups and enterprise clients.  The specific segment would be companies that have a need for a CRM tool to manage customer retention, sentiment, and net promoter score.  The Apptentive platform is designed to be integrated into existing CRM platforms as an ongoing part of CRM strategy or as a single problem solving tool.

Apptentive’s current clients appear to be mid tiered digital companies in the gaming, search, and finance verticals that have been established in the last 10 years.  It would be safe to assume that Apptentive is looking to gain credibility with these mid-tiered companies and eventually make the push in the established enterprise market across all verticals.

Apptentive has recently tried to gain market attention by participating in the CES 2015 as well as the AppNation conferences in Las Vegas.

Competitors in this space include app sentiment companies like Emotient, Semantria, and Trackur.  Additionally, establish CRM tools may compete for the same customers such as Salesforce and Oracle.  Apptentive is nicely positioned as a low cost, nimble platform for companies that cannot afford the enterprise quality platforms.




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