Ritani — Market Analysis

“Diamonds are a girl’s best friend”. For men, it could be overwhelming to pick an engagement ring. Ritani is a jewelry company which specializes in custom-designed items. A customer can create his own engagement ring by selecting a diamond and a ring setting.

After ordering the ring online, the customer can go to one of Ritani’s participating stores to see the ring in person. Customers do not need to commit to a purchase and can walk away if they don’t like it, which differentiates Ritani from other online diamond retailers.

Ritani targets young professionals who have high income and shop both online and in-store because the company found that segment spent significantly more than those who interacted solely with one retail channel.

The jewelry industry has become more and more competitive. Among Ritani’s competitors are other online diamond stores, such as Blue Nile, James Allen, Union Diamond, B2C Jewels, Brian Gavin, Diamondwave, etc.


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