Assignment 1: Is the next Trulia or Redfin?

As it’s self-descriptive name implies, (Ranked 199 on the Geekwire 200) is designed to help those needing to find the “perfect office space” do just that.  Unsurprisingly, it does so in the same way Trulia and Redfin connect would-be homeowners to sellers (or most likely their agents), by providing a platform for brokers to showcase their properties while allowing tenants to easily search through 166 million square feet of available space.  Unlike Trulia and Redfin however, the potential market (office tenants) for is not nearly as large as the market for home buyers/renters.

With over 224,000 unique visitors in the third quarter of 2014 (up from 155,000 the previous year), might just become the “go-to” site for prospective tenants–from hopeful startups looking for the perfect “industrial chic” loft to accommodate the founder’s framed comic book collection, to newly minted J.D.’s looking for a reasonably priced location to “hang out their shingle”–hopefully one that communicates to their clients that they are competent, yet thrifty (i.e. “affordable”)–willing, but not desperate (maybe the 250 sq.ft. office in Pioneer Place with a shared receptionist might do the trick–the one where, on a clear day, you can see the water reflecting off of the several-hundred-dollar-a-square-foot mirror-like high-rises).

Who knows, might just become to hopeful office renters what Trulia has become for homeowners home-wanters, that is, the go-to-place for people dreaming about their first office space (if only we had gotten another $30,000 in funding!).  As for me, I’ll continue to make good use of, um, the “shared collaborative workspace” that my small, on-campus apartment provides.


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