Assignment 1: Pure Home – The next best way to design your home

Pure Home is a Seattle-based e-commerce startup that focuses on providing a unique buying experience to consumers and manufacturers in the home décor industry.  Pure Home’s patent pending contextual search technology and social platforms aim to provide an exclusive shopping experience to users by connecting them with products that address their needs.

Pure Home targets to serve two segment of customers- home décor consumers and home décor merchants.

The first segment of customers are the consumers who have an interest in decorating their homes but do not have the knowledge to do so. This segment of consumers can be first time buyers or those who are looking to decorate their homes, but do not have enough information on the various types of color combinations or home décor ideas .  Thus, Pure Home provides consumers with ideas and tools that will help them connect with the right products.

The second segment of customers are the home décor merchants or manufacturers who have an interest in reaching out to consumers with the right products. Pure Home provides them with a platform to help them connect with consumers. This is like the concept that uses to connect vendors to consumers. Pure Home provides merchants to reach out a larger consumer base in a cost effective way.

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