Exo Labs – Market Analysis

In order to capture the attention of young students, hands-on and up-to-date activities are necessary, which is why Exo Labs is marketing a new iPad-compatible camera for microscopes. Traditionally, students are stuck looking into an old microscope and outdated slides when studying objects under a microscope. Exo Labs is trying to capture the student (and teacher) market through the use of a versatile and simple camera for microscopes.

It appears that Exo Labs is attempting to replace traditional microscopes and educational tools which are either too powerful and expensive, or too cheap and destructible. Exo Labs is attempting to capture a market whose users require a usable and durable microscope, but may not need the complex analysis that more expensive systems offer. In order to capture this market, they are first going after educators and students, but they are also working to implement it in traditional research settings and showcasing these efforts on their blog. There are a large number of microscope cameras specific to high powered microscopes, which is perhaps why Exo Labs decided to approach the academic market which has a much greater concern with budget and actively engaging students. In order to put cameras into the classroom, Exo Labs is approaching teachers and administrators to show them the usefulness of the device. In addition to the hardware camera, the company maintains an iPad app which enables schools which already make use of iPads to integrate it into their curriculum.

A key component of Exo Labs marketing is their blog in which they showcase how different users are making use of the camera and iPad software. The blog showcases how teachers and students have integrated the camera and software into different activities, which is great for gaining a teacher’s attention. Additionally, the blog has showcased how scientific staff is also using the Exo Labs camera to help further their research, which will likely help the company gain more traction as it adds researchers into its target market.



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