Flash Volunteer-Have an hour to spare? Volunteer!

Flash Volunteer uses technology to provide socially-minded people with volunteer options in real-time. Flash Volunteer uses GPS to show volunteer opportunities nearby. Like searching for a restaurant in the maps application, a user can open the application and view volunteer opportunities for this week, this month or today. The app also allows users to check into the volunteer event while they are attending. This allows user to keep track of their volunteer hours easily.

The initial target audience appears to be young adults with schedules too busy to allow for long-term commitment to one organization, as the process is often tedious. The target audience is socially conscious with a longing for community connection and giving back. This audience appreciates the social aspect of volunteerism and is looking to connect. The audience is tech savvy and runs their life through the convenience of apps. The ideal target audience enjoys the convenience of seeing opportunities nearby when they have an hour or two to spare. Right now, it appears that Flash Volunteer does not have direct competitors, though they may steal customers from MeetUp or organizations like Seattle Works.


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