Kymata: Bringing the internet everywhere it needs to be

Kymeta, a Seattle 10 Startup winner featured at the Geekwire Gala in 2014, has deployed cutting-edge metamaterial technology to enable satellite-connected broadband to reach, conceivably, anywhere in the world.  Based in Redmond, the company’s primary product is a small, energy-efficient broadband receiver that is, essentially, a flat antenna capable of sending and receiving in the Ka-band spectrum common in commercial satellites.  During their first demonstration in Vancouver, Canada, one year ago, former CEO Vern Fotheringham demonstrated the high-speed potential of the product through a video skype call to his employees at the company’s headquarters.

Although its applications are far reaching, it would appear that Kymeta’s executives are most keen to target the maritime segment of the market, both commercial and leisure, in the near term.  Early adopters are expected to include cruise ship operators as well as merchant vessels, both of which would provide proof-of-concept in a real world environment.  Expansion would then follow into both the automobile and aviation industries.  This is evinced by the development of their mTenna 4 Panel configuration, providing a low, aerodynamic profile, suitable for commercial jets or car roofs, to bring affordable highspeed internet to travelers of both land and sky.


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