Sensoria – Marketing Analysis

Solutions such as FitBit, Jawbone and smart bracelets/watches are flooding the market to help users track their physical activity and provide data analysis and feedback. Although these devices are very popular and useful for tracking running times, distance and pace, they do not tell the whole story. With any physical activity be it running or workout in the gym, the proper technique is vital for both safety of the user and the effectiveness of the physical activity.  For example with running, injury to ankle, calf and knee are very common with improper footwear, terrain and technique and can have long term impact. Unfortunately, existing devices and solutions in the market cannot track runner’s technique and promote good running technique.

Running is a very popular physical activity undertaken and a large proportion of fitness concious demographic use running as their primary activity. Past few years has seen a variety of footwear such as Vibram five fingers, thin sole shoes and bare feet running shoes in the market which aim to promote good running technique. However, a tracking and feedback solution for proper running technique is still missing.

Sensoria’s smart socks solution fills this gap by using conductive fibers and textile sensors embedded in socks for tracking the user’s running technique in addition to the speed, duration and distance.  The smart socks are very light and can be worn and washed as regular socks. Before starting a run, the user attaches an anklet to the smart socks (using magnetic connector) which logs the data from the sensors in the socks which track the foot movement and placement and communicates this data to an app on the smart phone using bluetooth. The app logs the data and provides workout history, real time feedback for correctly running technique and can be customized as a virtual running coach.

Sensoria’s smart socks are targeted at fitness conscious public which undertake running as a regular activity and using devices such as FitBit and fitness apps on smartphones. By augmenting their running workouts with smart socks the users can run with the right technique, get better results and prevent injuries. In addition to smart socks, Sensoria has fitness T-shirt and bras which can track heart-rate and breathing rate for a holistic fitness tracking experience.


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