Yapta: Corporate Travel Booking Software for Hot Shots

Yapta is an airline and hotel booking technology company, with two popular software products (soon to be bundled) FareIQ and RoomIQ. FareIQ is the corporate travel industry’s only airfare price tracking solution that offers real time price tracking as well as refund alert service. Customers of FareIQ and RoomIQ have access to a vast array of analytics, including customer savings on flights and hotels by time. Yapta’s offer product, RoomIQ provides a series of alerts sent to clients when a room rate drops after a booking. It will also alert clients to similar room types at lower prices, including preferred and non-preferred properties.

Yapta has more than 1 million registered members and has provides its customers with more than $450 million in airfare savings alerts. Yapta’s technology is particularly well suited for companies that have heavy travel volumes, so as to reduce their travel and expenditure spend.

Yapta has positioned itself to provide dynamic hotel and flight savings to corporate customers, specifically travel agents who are either hired by these companies or internal-based office managers who handle travel for executives.

Yapta’s products are innovative in that they are new products for a new market. However, there is some similarity in output to that produced by Bing Travel’s Price Predictor and Google’s ITA software. The notable difference is that Yapta has a SaaS model with corporate clients where companies pay a certain percentage of realized savings to Yapta, in addition to a licensing fee, while Bing Travel and Google ITA are free to users, most of whom are leisure travelers.

Yapta poses the greatest business threat to traditional travel agents or commercial airlines as lower final sale prices can now be realized by corporate clients, reducing the margins of some airlines.


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