Market Analysis for Navigating Cancer, Inc.

The potential market for Navigating Cancer, Inc, is defined but complex in my opinion.  Cancer is a complex disease and care for it is equally complex.  Management of care which includes, tracking of doctor appointments, side effects, and medications are the things that the company is trying to promote to patients, and so it seems like cancer patients are a target market for the company when looked at initially, but believe this isn’t the population they are targeting.  Sure, the website has information resources and an open chat network among cancer patients, but there are already established bases for this, such as the NCCN.  If anything the target market for this company are health care providers specialized in oncology.  Online health portals are I think the biggest product they are trying to sell.  While I am not very familiar with online patient portals, they seem both convenient and not convenient at the same time.  For general health care, such as primary care, I see it as in inconvenience if the patient uses multiple organizations for health care.  The problem here is that systems like this are not universal, nor does primary care does require as much organization as tracking as those with chronic or more serious conditions i.e. cancer.  In this respect, Navigating Cancer has found good niche for their product/service. Cancer patients have a lot to keep track of, and this type of system I believe would work well in this population of patients.  But again, I think it is important to note that the buying power lies in the hands of the health care providers and not the patients for this product, since: 1. Doctors hold the most influence in what support and tool a patient uses during their treatment; and 2. This product seems almost useless if your doctor does not utilize it, as the features tailored toward the patient, such as the information resources are readily available in better formats elsewhere.  In conclusion, I think Navigating Cancer is a resource for that essentially creates a better channel of communication between health providers and patient to help manage patient cases more.  Marketing on this idea should therefore be customized for a health care professional target market.  With that being said,  I’m really interested as to what type of incentive the company has created other than convenience, and whether there is data to backup improved patient outcomes and quality of living.


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