Owlet Baby Care: A little help for the hardest job in the world

Owlet Baby Care is a company that is trying to solve the same problem we have targeted – ability to monitor baby’s wellness when a parent not near the baby. They are building electronic equipment that can be attached to a sock – owlet smart sock. As long as the baby is wearing the sock, the equipment will monitor baby’s vital signs like oxygen level, heart rate etc and send it to phone app and website thru the wifi network. In addition, it will also tell the parents if the baby needs attentions. If the baby has rolled over while sleeping, it will alert the parent so the parent can put the baby on his back.

Being a father of a 6 month of old, I think this product in incredible. My wife and I stayed up countless nights just making sure our son was breathing while asleep. We bought a HD camera to monitor while he was in crib, to ensure we can see his chest moving while he breathes. Reading about articles on SIDS made us even more cautious and we decided to move him to our bed. Having a product like owlet care could have made these months so much easier for us.

They are targeting all the traditional online channels outlets: TV, Blog, News sites and Radio, to increase awareness about their product. There are several news articles talking about the product. They also have a beautifully designed website where they post monthly updates. Considering the product has not launched yet, I think they have done a good job of getting the word out.


For parents of newborns, Owlet is the baby monitor that delivers detailed health statistic on phone so parents don’t have to keep looking over the baby, because only owlet has state of art monitoring technology that fits easily on the baby’s feet and is comfortable. Owlet is competing against traditional baby monitors that mostly provide audio/video monitoring. There are a few products in the market that monitor baby’s vital, but they are not as comfortable to put on a baby, they have too many wires and can cause problems if the baby rolls over or moves around. Owlets value proposition is that while it provide more information that standard audio/video monitors, it is comfortable to put on a baby. It is basically an extension of a sock that can be taken out when the sock needs to be cleaned. It would also stay in position when the baby roles over or moves around.

Owlet’s target customers are parents of newborns who are affluent ( can afford a $250 monitoring system). Although it has done a pretty good job at getting the word out, I don’t think it has reached it’s target customer yet. Most parents of newborns don’t have enough time to listen to the news or go to news site websites, so Owlets marketing thru those channels doesn’t work for this audience. When these parents are searching for monitoring products online (search engines and retailer websites), owlet does not show up as an option, probably because they have not invested in adwords. There is no print marketing campaign to reach the parents of newborns as well. So although owlet has a great product, they still need to go a long way to ensure their target customers are aware of their existence.

Photo Credits: https://www.owletcare.com/


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