Bluetooth Amplifiers – what are their stories?

There are many types of bluetooth amplifiers now on the market. Although the design of these products are different from Hollr (our product), they tell similar stories that we can learn from.

Example: Amphony

” Stream music from your cell phone, tablet or computer to your speakers with Amphony’s wireless Bluetooth amplifier. The BlueFidelityTM wireless amplifier integrates an advanced Bluetooth audio receiver and a state-of-the art stereo power amplifier into a tiny package no larger than a deck of cards. Simply turn any speakers into Bluetooth wireless speakers!”

bluetooth audio receiver

Amphony’s storytelling techniques focused on home improvement, educating their customers that bluetooth amplifiers can hugely imrpove their quality of living by letting them connect to any speakers at home with phones, tablets and computers.

Example: Kicker

The kicker bluetooth amplier, however, is telling customer stories about how portable amplifiers can help consumers increase connectivity in special situations. It focused it’s marketing efforts on weather resistance and portability, therefore satisfying the needs for consumers who are outdoorsy and travel often.


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