Assignment #2 – Droidles

Droidles is a startup company that came up with a brand new product – little robots with social lives of their own, with Mobile Apps connect to Droidles with Bluetooth 4.0. Droidles use mobile link to communicate over the internet. The robbot also features remote control with your phone or programs on your phone as well as audio and amplifier functions.
Droidles is now targeting on the tech savvy early adopters, and positions itself as a social intelligence toy for tech savvy people. Therefore, Droidles is now targeting its marketing efforts on social media channels such as Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and Google+.
Although I believe that Droidles has choosen the right channels for marketing, it needs to increase marketing efforts in the future. For example, its last Facebook post was on September, 2014. Consumers need to read new marketing materials to have the willingness to purchase the product.

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