Assignment 2- Philz Coffee

Philz Coffee is based in California specializes in drip coffee. Unlike Startbucks, Tully’s and other coffee houses, Philz Coffee specializes and only sells simple drip coffee; each cup is handcrafted and made one cup at a time at the retail stores. Philz value proposition is very simple: they believe in doing only one thing and doing it right which brewed coffee. Customers can pick from over 20 different coffee blends and the beans are ground to order and then poured into a filter for each individual cup which is very unique for brewed coffee. They use more grounds per cup than a typical drip coffee machine which results in a richer and stronger brewed coffee.

Philz Coffee started in 2003 in a small grocery store in San Francisco but has since then expanded to a number of locations in the state of California. Philz’s coffee has a very strong web presence with a website, facebook, twitter account and a blog post. Philz’s coffee uses videos to highlight it’s history, its humble beginning, the fact that is a family owned small business fulfilling it missions of providing great drip coffee with unparalleled customer satisfaction. Philz Coffee supports the green initiative and fair treatment of workers, regularly holds events on important days such as milk day and MLK day and using it’s website, facebook and twitter account to reach out to it’s audience. It also has an online store linked to it’s website for selling coffee beans.  After going through their web presence on Facebook, twitter, their blog posts and the reviews on yelp, foursquare, quoara and tripadvisor I believe they have been successful in targeting and communicating with their target audience which is young, tech savy coffee lovers in the silicon valley.


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