Assignment # 2 SanTasti, Online Channels


What online channels have they chosen to focus on?
SanTasti has a focused presence in both Twitter (1000 followers) and Youtube. This focus on exposure successfully helped them create a new class of beverage  – the palate cleanser.
–What seems to be their Positioning in the market? – SanTasti has positioned itself as a product that enable its clients (primarily wine tasters) to taste longer and more thoroughly without getting “Palate fatigue”.
–What is/are their Value Proposition(s)? SanTasti is the only beverage that truly clears you palate after tasting food or beverage. This lets the taster continue to accurately taste for longer.
–Do you think they are they successful communicating to their target customer?
Yes – They appear to set up demos at wine tasting events and based on their youtube channel, people love them. Free samples (which gave immediate benefit) were used with great success.
I believe that this product matches well with AlControl, our product which will hopefully revolutionize the way that people think about the consumption of alcoholic beverages.

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