Beeline Bikes: Zappos meets Geek Squad for Bicycles (and more!)


Beeline Bikes brings the bicycle shop to the customer at their home, office, or other convenient location. Over 60 companies (and growing) in the SF Bay Area provide Beeline Bikes On-Site Bicycle service for their employee bike commuters and cyclists. We provide a dramatically improved consumer experience by melding a passion for bikes, technology and best practices in service delivery & supply chain management.

Beeline Bikes wants be perceived as an on-the-go bicycle shop to its target customers. The traditional bike service is time-consuming and very inconvenient for most customers. To repair your bike, you basically need to load bikes to cars and drive to a brick-and-mortal service provider. And just like fixing your car, you need to then wait for several days for the service to be done. Beeline Bikes positions itself as a better solution to this problem. The solution offered by Beeline Bikes is unique in a way that it gives customers a much more convenient way to fix their bikes: if you bicycles need help, you just need to call Beeline Bikes, and the On-Site Bicycle service will come to you. It seems like Beeline Bikes is a convenient bike repair service provider, but as I read on, it is becoming somewhat confusing that Beeline Bikes also positions itself as a bike shop, selling bike parts, bike accessories, and even new bikes.

Value Proposition
Beeline Bikes — the bicycle shop on wheels. We bring a friendly, certified, and background-checked mechanic to you for all your biking needs. We provide great service for a price lower than the average bike shop, a selection of high-quality bicycle parts and accessories, and we can even help you buy a new bike. No more loading bikes into cars, wasting time on weekends or being without your bike while service is done at a shop. Our happy customers include commuters, families with multiple bikes in their garage, and avid cyclists of all types. The Beeline shop is a complete bike shop on wheels, offering full service, parts, accessories and bicycle sales.

The value proposition for Beeline Bikes emphasizes ultimate convenience, which matches their positioning as being a “On-Site Bicycle service”. And as I read on, I also catch phrases of competitive pricing. It seems like Beeline Bikes wants to have it all, and it is targeting almost every possible bike customers: commuters, road racers, cross country and downhill mountain bikers, weekend warriors and family or recreational riders. If anything, it needs to be more focused to its target customers in its value proposition.


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