Blog 2 – Beeline Bikes

Beeline Bikes is a mobile bicycle shop which offers all of the traditional shop services, including maintenance, new bike sales, and bike part sales. Beeline requires a scheduled appointment to provide the mobile bike service, but adds convenience by coming to the customer at the home or office.

Beeline Bikes is focusing on their website and social channels to do their marketing. They have a promotional video which demonstrates the service, which has a primary message of convenience to the customer. They use social channels of Twitter, Facebook, and Google+. These social channels are being used effectively to show how the service is being used by different customers, and to create an aspirational message of where one could bike after using the service.

Beeline Bikes appears to be positioning themselves as a more convenient alternative to a traditional bike shop. They do not offer services beyond a typical shop, other than the convenience of showing up to your house. The value proposition of the company appears to be convenience to the consumer by eliminating the task of hauling bicycles to a shop whenever they need tuneups or other services. Beeline appears to be successful in communicating to their target customer. In addition to online channels, Beeline has also partnered with community organizations around bicycling, which will likely lead to exposure to customers in the target market.


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