Blog 2 – Pet Tracker (Tagg)

Tagg GPS Plus is a GPS pet tracker that monitors your dog’s location and immediately notifies you if they are not where they are supposed to be.

Tagg attached to your dog’s collar and it will allow you to set a geographical zone (eg. your home) with the ability to alert you when the pets leave the defined zone.  It has a mobile app that you can track your pet live, and adjust the settings to the configuration.   This device also tracks the physical activities data and temperature (eg. fitbit) so that you can obtain data for your pet’s health.  The monitoring system is not only for the pet owners but also it can help the veterinarian to identify any potential problem.


The positioning in the market is clear that they want to be part of the premier product provider for the pet industry, and the revenue model is the subscription (services) plus the initial hardware.   Pettracker utilized social channel heavily to increase product awareness:  Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Instagram, blogging, and Youtube.  The company focused strongly encourage people who owns the product(s) to share their stores on their social channel and to increase the awareness across the board.

Youtube: over 2000 videos from all various channels: company, personal, retail channels.

Instagram: approx 300 posts and over 1000 followers.

Facebook: +100K Likes

It looks like the company has a dedicated team to do the posting primarily through facebook and all online media channels are pointing toward facebook as the primary page.

This product is not the most inexpensive solution out there for $99.99. However, most pet owners would probably value the ability to keep tabs on their companions far more than this here in the state. It is not only company trying to crack this market open, but it seems to provide an integrated solution to most of the pet owners.


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