Blog 2 – Piazza

The company I choose is Piazza ( It is an online platform where students and instructors come together to learn and teach.

Online Channels:

It uses various types of online channels to communicate with its target audience: both students and instructors (professors and TAs).

  • Press: It is shown in various well-known press including WSJ, Bloomberg Business Week etc
  • Social Media: Twitter: (TWEETS: 542; FOLLOWERS: 1,065), Facebook (489 page liks)
  • Video: on the homepage, it has a short video to briefly introduce the product and use cases to the visitors.
  • Case study: several successful stories shown on website
  • Influencer: quotes and videos from professors and prestige universities endorsing the product
  • Blog: inactive, only have one post

Value Proposition:

The incredibly easy, completely free Q&A platform

Save time and help students learn using the power of community

Overall, I think Piazza has done quite a good job in terms of leverage the various online channels and communicating to their target customers, especially the case study and influencers endorsement which work most effectively to reach out to their target customers.


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