Blog #2

Clarity introduces the world’s first wearable air quality monitor. Currently, they focus on establishing a channel with end-uses/customers by their website. Clarity is helping to give families the answers they need, when they need them related with air quality matters. When someone at your home becomes seriously ill due to suffering from respiratory or allergy, the story of his or her life changes. So does the story of the people: parents, siblings, and children who unselfishly care for them every day. Their story becomes one of support. And hope that it ends with the best possible outcomes. Offering people a greater chance to end their story with a “happily ever after.”

This product enables to navigate a better route, search a fresher place and choose a safer area when people enjoy tracking as well. Also, created for China, India and other polluted places, Clarity helps people make smarter decisions with real-time updates on the air immediately. The crowd-sourced data will generate the world’s most detailed pollution maps.

I would believe this product is on track to communicate to the target customers. Especially, their goals are not only domestic regions, but also international countries facing significant issues with air pollutions. They are aware of what the end-users want.


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