Blog Assignment #2: La Crosse Technology

La Crosse Technology offers remote technology monitoring systems that help its customers track the temperature and humidity fluctuations in their homes. Its website showcases various temperature and humidity monitoring devices and includes a special scroll-down option for its smartphone app (which is also available for iPad and computer use through its web sign-in feature). This company is similar to our venture idea, ClearHome in that it offers a home monitoring service with a smartphone application for on-the-go households. The La Crosse Technology website does not include a user story or an individual value proposition for any of its featured products. It does however brand itself as  “a multinational company with a small-town philosophy of servicing our customers to the highest level.” Despite offering high-tech products, the website doesn’t utilize the visual and performance appeals of its inventions. In fact, it has all of the excitement of a generic, online flower service. It feels neglected, crusty…not sexy.La Crosse Technology

Where La Crosse Technology really shines is on its YouTube channel. Here it becomes clear who its ideal customer is: a tech-savvy homeowner who enjoys an active lifestyle and appreciates aesthetic design. This is easily demonstrated in the promotional video for the “New 2014 Wireless Color Weather Station”. The YouTube channel not only highlights the beauty and functionality of La Crosse Technology’s products, but it expands my understanding of its wares’ capabilities. On the YouTube channel, I finally found the value propositions for individual products. For the 2014 Wireless Color Weather Station the value proposition is: “La Crosse Technology’s Wirleless Color Weather Station gives you the flexibility to choose how its used.” Not a particularly strong value proposition, but the video medium makes this forgivable because the overall story is so effective. So impressive is the YouTube channel, that I’m left wondering, “Why the dated website?”

It is on La Crosse Technology’s YouTube channel that ClearHome finds inspiration. On YouTube, La Crosse Technology presents itself as a technologically forward-thinking company with a highly selective user base who expect nothing but the best from both product performance and design standpoints. This is the message that we want our customers to immediately receive when they make contact through any and all of our product channels.  We want our customers to instantly associate our product with the active lifestyle, technological know-how and discriminating tastes of La Crosse Technology’s YouTube user base. Where we will differentiate ourselves from La Crosse is with our prominent “made in America” branding, clearly displayed user stories and uniform experience across platforms. The brilliance of La Crosse’s YouTube channel comes from its product videos. Therefore, we will promote our product promotional videos through all of our web-based channels.


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