Blog Post 2 – Sproutling

Sproutling is a company within the “baby-tech” space that I am in. The Sproutling device connects to your cell phone and gives the owner a variety of information; varying from: baby’s heart-beat, the amount of noise in the room, to whether or not your baby is happy. In addition, the Sproutling device has a wireless charging device that is convenient and easy to use.

The online channels they seem to be focusing on are a web site, video, and 3rd party publishing. All three of these online channels focus on the product and help market and advertise the product. The positioning they have in the market are parents who want to enjoy their lives with peace of mind for their baby as a parent.

The key value propositions within Sproutling is its ability to make parenting less worrisome by providing comfort with the child’s heart-beat, noise level, and vital statistics. By offering these value propositions, Sproutling is successful in communicating to their target customer – the parents of children who want to continue their lives with less worries over their baby.


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