Clarity claims to be the “world’s first wearable air quality monitor.”

Clarity is focusing on a limited number of online channels, including a well developed and modern website, Facebook, and email updates.

Clarity positions itself as a device that can empower the user to take control of their health and even be a hero. The user becomes a hero by contributing to an increased knowledge of air quality in their home city through data sharing. This data can be used by lawmakers to understand and improve the quality of air in their geographic region.

Clarity promises to increase awareness of the air the consumer is exposed to throughout their day. As a wearable device, this allows them to understand the quality of the air in the places they pass through and frequent. Information allows them to adjust their habits to include healthier atmospheres. This product is being marketed mainly in India and China, places with high pollution levels in the outdoor environment. While most people know their air is bad, they may not feel as though they can do anything about it. This empowers them to take control of their health.

It is difficult to tell if Clarity is successfully communicating to their target customer. While their website clearly defines the problem they are trying to solve, and positions themselves as a smart solution, it seems as though their online marketing efforts are limited, so it is unclear if their website is reaching the intended audience. They do need to improve upon their search engine optimization. I could not locate their site through google, and even on the angel list, they were fairly low on the list of air quality companies. This indicates a need for an increased public presence. However, they may have on-the-ground efforts, not visible online, in their geographic targets, namely India and China.


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