FitBark is a wearable device that allows pet owners to monitor the well-being of their dogs. It is positioned as the world’s tiniest wireless activity monitor for dogs and it attaches easily onto any collar and fits dogs of any size.

The value provided by FitBark is it collects physical activity and rest levels 24/7, providing pet owners with useful insights into their dogs’ behavior and activity trends. For example, FitBark monitors the time a dog spends at various energy level. If the dog gets 4 extra hours of sleep, maybe it is sick. The owner can observe and take action accordingly.

Currently, FitBark has a company website and accounts on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and YouTube.  FitBark focuses on Twitter and Facebook where it has the most followers. It has over 4000 followers on Twitter and the content is almost identical on Facebook and Twitter.

I think the target customers of FitBark are young professionals who care about their dogs’ well-being and are willing to spend money on their dogs. They are busy during the week and may travel sometimes. Personally I feel that FitBark’s website is well-designed and the FAQ section provides answers to all sorts of questions. If I am a potential buyer, I can get all the information I need from its website to make a quick purchasing decision.


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