Kurbo Health

Kurbo Health is a health and lifestyle tracking and personalized coaching mobile app that is focused on children, teens and their families. This company is similar to our The company has a website consisting of product details, customer evidence and a blog. A Facebook page and Twitter handle have also been created under the company brand.

The company seems to be positioning in the market as access to a top-notch research-backed weight lose and behavioral modification system without the costs but with the coolness factor of a fun phone app for children. It is described as a support to the parent by taking the exhausting disagreements out of getting your child to eat healthy and making weight loss and control an enjoyable and collaborative family experience.

The value of the company, however, goes way beyond the benefits of the app to the parent and his/her family. Being an adaptive app certainly provides the family with an ongoing benefit from an assistant, with personalize recommendations, activities and a social component. Looking at the company’s blog and social channels, they also position themselves as an authoritative voice on healthy family lifestyle, providing editorial content about current research findings, suggested food recipes and even tips and tricks for family activities. This creates a subscription experiences for their target customers, who are likely the mothers in the household.

With the content provided on Kurbo Health’s blog and their social channels, and the way in which their promotional videos are captured, it is clear that the company wants to capture the mothers who are concerned about health and weight control for their children. They certainly give the right focus and provide the right engagement channels for this audience.


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