Pigeon! Not the bird…

Pigeon is essentially the ultimate all-in-one remote. Pigeon is simply placed on your coffee table and never needs to move, striving to end the ‘find the remote’ game we all know so well. Pigeon links to any of your electronics and you control the electronics by opening up the Pigeon app on your phone. Once in the app, you can control your entire house through your phone. Additionally, Pigeon connects to your devices with Bluetooth and can connect to multiple devices at once.

Currently, Pigeon appears to have a presence on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. On Facebook, they have only 169 likes. Pigeon follows only 131 people on Twitter and has only 30 followers. LinkedIn appears to be the least utilized channel as they have 7 connections. Pigeon’s twitter use, though seemingly sparse, does attempt to be interactive. The company also maintains a website that, although aesthetically appealing, is clunky and is not user friendly.

Pigeon’s target audience appears to be the tech savvy, gadget-loving consumer. The ideal consumer has a plethora of electronics requiring a remote. This gadget allows for the ease of controlling every electronic one owns in one easy app stating “Let your mobile device be the only remote control you will every need.” As previously mentioned, it seems they are just beginning to communicate with their target customer via Twitter. The product is expected to launch within the next few months. It will be interesting to follow their growth on these channels.


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