SanTasti – Blog #2

SanTasti is an interesting product that let’s one cleanse their pallet when wine tasting. It is an aid that helps the consumer taste better when moving between different wines.  This product seems to be in our company’s (AlControl) space, and has a similar value proposition that allows for one to have the a complete experience with wine tasting.  Their value proposition seems to focus on providing a pallet cleanser for all types of tasting e.g. wine, chocolate, beer.

The online channels they have chosen to focus on are twitter.  They have a website, but the website seems to focus on another product called EVO.  They do not have a facebook presence, but they do have some content on youtube, that demonstrates customer validation towards the product.  With the youtube content, it does seem like they are able to reach their target customer, but without a facebook presence, and a website that advertises a completely different product, it is really hard to tell.


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