Simple & Crisp – Positioning analysis

Simple and Crisp makes a substitute for crackers made from dehydrated fruit. Their products are distributed through Whole Foods, Amazon Fresh, and a number of boutique food stores nationwide.

The company uses a number of social media channels, focusing most on artistic, high-quality photos of their product across a variety of use cases. These use cases often come from other vendors such as magazines and chef bloggers, offering the opportunity for cross-promotion. Because Simple & Crisp is so photo-heavy, they use networks in which good photos carry high currency such as Instagram and Pinterest. Additionally, they use Facebook and Twitter and have a robust website.

S&C position their product as a novel and healthful alternative to traditional wheat crackers with the value proposition that the product will enliven your dinner party and provide a cracker substitute for guests (or hosts) with gluten-free, vegan, or simply “foodie” dietary preferences. While wheat crackers are vegan, a delicious alternative made from fruit would likely still have appeal to vegans because fruit is often regarded as more healthy than wheat crackers. The product is a luxury good; the use cases on display are often elaborate or unconventional and the positioning, based both on these use cases and the brands of retailers through which the product is distributed, appear to target middle-to-high income women.

S&C does appear to be successful in reaching its target segment. The fact that similarly-positioned brands, including Martha Stewart, are endorsing the brand with use cases is evidence of the brand’s traction, as is the lengthy list of retailers who have agreed to distribute the crisps. S&C appears to have the potential to establish itself as a successful brand.


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